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Has a car accident left you with spinal cord injuries?
Woods Law Firm, P.C. helps Texans recover compensation from negligent drivers.

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Woods Law Firm, P.C. helps Texans recover compensation from negligent drivers.
Your spinal cord acts as a transmitter between your brain and the rest of your body, carrying vital signals to and from various muscle groups. If the spinal cord is dislocated or compressed by a traumatic blow in a car or motorcycle accident, the results can be utterly devastating. When faced with these dire circumstances, you deserve justice.

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We take spinal cord injuries very seriously.

It is difficult to watch loved ones struggle with spinal cord injuries such as a herniated disc or slipped disc. Due to trauma caused in car accidents or motorcycle accidents, the disc is damaged and pushed into nerve roots. This causes intense pain in the neck, shoulder or arms. When a bulging disc injury occurs close to the neck, it may pinch nerves, causing pain in the shoulders and arms. Other victims of spinal cord injuries experience paralysis, which limits motor functions.

While personal injury attorney Robert L. Woods cannot make the pain from spinal cord injuries go away, he can help you get the medical treatment you need and the compensation you deserve from insurance companies. His goal is to help clients secure justice for spinal cord injuries, and he has directed his staff to support clients in every way possible.

Attorney Woods knows that it is important to provide for all present and future medical expenses, including surgery and rehabilitation. He frequently retains the services of a professional life care planner who can fully assess the impact of your spinal cord injuries, suggest adaptive strategies and provide expert testimony.

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