NFL Concussion

UPDATE: The Third Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a district court’s approval of the NFL Concussion Settlement Agreement, making it potentially worth over $1 billion.

NFL Concussion Settlement Information

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Federal District Court Judge Anita Brody’s decision approving the NFL Concussion Settlement Agreement. The settlement covers more than 20,000 former players and could be worth well over $1 billion when all is said and done. The agreement would provide payments of up to $5 million to players who have one of a handful of neurological disorders. Medical monitoring for all players to determine if they qualify for payment is also included in the agreement as well as money for education about concussions. Retired players who could be awarded the most money include those who have been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia.


Who May be Eligible for Compensation?

All retired NFL players may be eligible for compensation. Family members of deceased former players may be eligible to file a claim and receive compensation on behalf of their loved one. Our team can help you figure out whether or not you are eligible to file a claim and to receive compensation, please call us today.

How Can a Lawyer Help With My NFL Settlement Claim?

Hiring an attorney to help with your NFL settlement claim could mean the difference between receiving the compensation you deserve and potentially having your claim denied. The NFL settlement claims process will involve very detailed paperwork with specific deadlines and document requests. An experienced attorney will help you gather all of the necessary information and make sure your paperwork is filed correctly and on time. Missing deadlines or incomplete paperwork may result in a denial or a long delay of compensation. An attorney can also help you maximize your number of NFL-eligible seasons as well as ensure that you see a qualified physician in order to receive a qualifying diagnosis. Let our attorneys help you today.

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