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Technological advances have made modern cars much safer than a generation ago. Airbags and better engineering have saved many lives. But there is little you can do when very heavy vehicles with momentum behind them collide with lighter vehicles. Larger, heavier trucks and SUV’s do not handle as well as smaller cars, and this contributes to accidents where people are killed.

Drivers texting or using drugs or alcohol, fatigue, and speeding lead to serious accidents and thousands of unnecessary deaths every year. The suddenness of the loss is a shock, and you need a legal counselor to advise you of your options at this point.

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In Texas, you should be able to obtain compensation for your financial losses. If the loved one you lost was a provider of household income, or had pension benefits you would have received, you should be compensated for this. You have also suffered emotional losses. Medical bills and funeral costs should also be included in your compensation.

People who have lost a family member in a fatal car accident want two things: to know what happened and why, and how can I obtain compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit?

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Attorney Robert L. Woods retired as a lieutenant after 21 years in the Houston Police Department. He is highly skilled in investigation and has helped hundreds of families obtain the financial support they deserve. For a no-cost, no-obligation consultation call 713-651-1115.
(local) or 1-877-653-1115 (toll free) or send an e-mail message. Mr. Woods is understanding toward his fatal car accident clients and resolute in attaining their goals.

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