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You may have done everything right, but still you were hurt in a car crash. Your injuries do not necessarily signal negligence on your part. It is likely that the other driver was impaired or inattentive. Though you may be the one suffering as a result of the accident, you should not be the one to pay.

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Insurance companies do not care about your well-being.

Drivers are required to maintain insurance coverage to pay for damage and injury caused in an accident. However, insurance companies are often more interested in finding ways to keep money than to compensate car accident victims. Many times the companies will do all they can to convince the injured to accept an early settlement that is often less than reasonable.

By choosing attorney Robert L. Woods to be your advocate, you can rest assured he will fight for fair compensation for you. He will deal directly with the insurance company and attend to all of the details, allowing you to focus on your recovery from a brain injury, spinal cord injury, burn injury or other serious trauma. Whether you were hit by a semi truck or a drunk driver, contact Woods Law Firm as soon as you are injured.

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