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Has your child been bitten by a dangerous dog or animal? Attorney Robert L. Woods protects the rights of the injured.

Sadly, small children are the most common victims of dog bites, often receiving serious injuries to their hands, neck or face. If a dangerous dog has bitten you or your loved one, you have the right to pursue damages for your losses, which may include an emergency room visit, follow-up doctor appointments and even plastic surgery.

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A Texas dog owner must have the pet under control at all times.

In Texas, a dog owner may be held liable for a dog attack under the following circumstances:

  • The dog owner intentionally caused the attack
  • The dog owner failed to follow lease laws/similar restraint laws
  • The dog owner knew the dog was dangerous (because it had previously bitten someone or demonstrated a willingness to do so) and failed to exercise caution

Serious bodily injury can occur with dog bites, including:

  • Ripping of muscles on the arms, legs or face
  • Tearing of tissue, resulting in scarring and disfigurement
  • Rabies shots if the dog cannot be identified
  • Counseling for dog bite victims who experience recurring trauma or nightmares

Depending upon the seriousness of the injury, a dog bite may even necessitate reconstructive or plastic surgery.

You deserve maximum compensation for injuries from dog bites.

If you or a family member has been victimized by animal attacks, consult with dedicated Houston lawyer Robert L. Woods. Before going into practice as a personal injury attorney, he served as a Houston police officer for more than 20 years. He now focuses a large part of his practice on premises liability, the area of law that holds negligent property owners accountable for injuries in their home or yard.

Woods Law Firm, P.C. will thoroughly investigate your dog bite injury claim. After building a strong case, attorney Woods will pursue damages through the homeowners’ insurance policy.

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If you have suffered a serious personal injury or lost a loved one because of an animal attack, contact Woods Law Firm for a free consultation with a qualified lawyer. Call 713-651-1115 (local), or 1-877-653-1115 (toll free)

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